Motorized Shades

Is raising the shades in different areas of your home part of your ritual?  The bigger the home or business gets, the bigger the time savings, energy savings and aesthetic improvements you can achieve by automating this process.  Get a balance of natural light and privacy perfect for each time of day, and calibrate the sunlight getting in for maximum energy savings. Automating your shades puts this process on autopilot.

Put Your Shades On Autopilot

Get ready to control the light in your rooms easier than ever before. Our technology allows you to integrate the motorized shades in your home with your control system. This means that not only can you raise and lower them with a single touch, you can also incorporate them into automated daily schedules and routines. Set your home’s shades to rise with the sun, and to close as darkness falls to protect your family’s privacy. And you can even set your home on autopilot when your family is away to increase security, continuing to raise and lower shades to create the impression that someone is always home.

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Energy Savings

Get ready to reduce your energy consumption.  Our technology helps take advantage of natural sunlight during daylight hours.  By doing this, motorized shading solutions can help reduce heating and A/C use.  Businesses can benefit by streamlining control of shades and window coverings throughout an entire building.  Rather than relying on manual processes, automation simplifies everything while providing timing precision for maximum energy savings and aesthetic benefits.  We can help you find window coverings that integrate with your existing decor.

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